Welcome to Abundant Life!

We invite you to join us as we worship the Lord Jesus Christ and celebrate our life in Him. Come for a time of prayer, praise, and Bible study. All are welcome and we trust you will be blessed.

We are an evangelical and charismatic congregation. Therefore we believe in the Triune God, that Jesus is the only way of salvation, and that the Holy Spirit is active, empowers believers, and produces miracles today. We believe that Satan is the personal enemy of every believer, and that all people live forever–either with God or in eternal damnation. We also believe that the Bible is inerrant and authoritative in all areas of life. Prayer is an integral part of Abundant Life Church; in the Body, we are a knee. On Sundays, we pray corporately as the Holy Spirit leads.

This coming Sunday morning, we would love for you to come visit with us for a time of prayer, praise, fellowship and Bible study. All are welcome and we believe you will be blessed. We begin with a time of worship, incorporating both hymns and contemporary praise music. The service includes time for corporate prayer, response, and testimony. The sermon is usually topical and always biblically based. After the service you may receive prayer for individual needs. We also have a separate healing room for prayer over any infirmities. Our congregants range in age from newborn to senior citizen and the attire is varied from dress to casual. All are welcome!

We hope you will join us this Sunday for service, and perhaps participate in one of our many ministry opportunities. Please click one of the links to the right to find out more.